Technology Industry In Ireland (a Career-oriented Perspective)

Technology Industry In Ireland (a Career-oriented Perspective)

Aug 26

Presentation by Greg Kerr & Alan Buckley from
Friday 17/7/15



Fintan Friel – Social media specialist

Fintan Friel, Web & Social Media Marketing Intern.

Many people are not ‘techies’ and don’t really care about how great the industry is or how rosy the future looks now that Intel, Google etc. are based in Ireland. However Tech is big and it’s here to stay, so it’s worth considering how this economic behemoth will impact our futures, especially when it comes to employment opportunities. Jobcare invited Alan Buckley and Greg Kerr from to share their insights with Jobnet clients.


Alan Buckley is from Cork and his story begins in San Francisco (USA) where he was looking for a summer job on a J1 visa. Luckily he had a brother-in-law working for a new company called Salesforce which led to some valuable work experience and eventually to a full-time job. Alan described how, after a few years, he interviewed for a promotion within the company. His competition was more qualified and experienced and a very strong candidate for the Solutions Engineer role. But Alan was offered the position ‘because of his hunger’, his point was that even though his chances were slimmer his willingness to learn and persevere paid off.


Greg Kerr began his presentation with the same observation:


“Keep knocking on doors because eventually one of them will open for you”.


Greg described a friend with no previous experience in Tech who was interviewing for a job. When they told him he was simply not experienced enough, he immediately asked how long it would be before he could re-apply. When told it would be at least six months, his parting comment was: ‘See you in six months’. Using the time to study and get some work experience he re-applied and eventually got the job.


Perhaps these two stories echo Ireland’s development as a ‘50 year overnight success story’ with an ever-increasing number of Tech companies choosing this country as their European base. Greg described the technology industry in Ireland as having reached the ‘feedback loop’ phase of economic development. This means that we have reached a critical mass of capital and talent in Ireland which will attract an ever-increasing amount of investment, meaning the tech sector will continue to grow and create employment opportunities.





All this means jobs, but the question is: ‘How do I find the job?’.


There are a number of different approaches and there are no rules, but here are a few suggestions if you want to make yourself more employable in this sector.




1. Study

Upskilling means study and there are many courses available on which will pay the course fees if you meet the eligibility criteria.


If you are looking for an introduction to computers there are also short courses
available at


2. Work Experience

Work Experience comes in many different forms and an internship with a company can be an excellent structure for learning and on-the-job training:
Volunteering is another great way to get valuable experience and there are plenty of opportunities available:
Also conferences and festivals are good venues for volunteer experience which always looks good on your CV.



When you’re willing to start on a new career path, you don’t necessarily need to have specific skills required for that sector. There are jobs such as Customer Service, HR, etc. within tech companies which do not require coding skills and can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door.
Tech skills can take time to acquire, but you don’t need to wait until you have the required skills and experience to make a start. Becoming part of the future of the Technology sector in Ireland starts with a decision to take steps in that direction and, like any journey, it happens one step at a time.
“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”
— Winston S. Churchill