Success story: Muriel O’Brien

Success story:  Muriel O’Brien

Feb 16

We are thrilled in Jobcare to celebrate with Muriel O’Brien who is now working! In August 2015, as she was preparing for an 11 mile sponsored walk, we shared Muriel’s story of overcoming major back surgeries and her participation in Jobcare’s transitional work programme to help her take the next step of securing employment. In that blog piece, Muriel told us her motto was “Never, never give up!” and, thanks to her “can do” attitude, Muriel has indeed overcome unemployment, starting work this week as an Executive Officer in Trinity College.


Well done Muriel! What does working mean to you?

Thanks! For me, working is not about the money; it’s about getting out there and doing what you love doing. I enjoy doing administration. Working is about having somewhere to go, getting out there and meeting people, and helping others. It’s a great feeling that I’m going back into the world of work. This journey has taken me about five years and it’s been tough. I keep pinching myself now. I’ve done it!


So how did your time in Jobcare help you?

Jobcare definitely helped me get there. I had stopped believing in myself and Jobcare helped me get that back again. My time here helped me face my fear. I wasn’t very good at interviews, but the more I practised, the easier it got. It’s helped me with my confidence. There’s no one magic solution- it’s upskilling and confidence and the social end of things. You have to get involved in all sorts. By taking part in all the day courses and workshops, by getting involved, it all helps to build the big package. My confidence is back to where it should be now.


What advice would you give to someone else who’s still on the jobseeking journey?


Never give up! Keep networking. I had started looking at jobs in Trinity College after a few people I knew had got work there. A lot of jobs these days are temporary contracts, but take the opportunities that arise. Don’t miss your chance to get your foot in the door- then you’ve a chance to show what you can do and you’ll make new contacts and find out about more opportunities. I’m sad to leave Jobcare, but I’ve reached my goal of getting a job. This is the icing on the cake!


Huge thanks to Muriel for all her work and commitment to Jobcare. A real inspiration! If you or someone you know would benefit from Jobcare’s transitional work programme, check out our website to find out more.