Statistics show that occupation or employment is key to keeping someone out of prison – re-offending is highest amongst young, unemployed males. Jobcare has designed a work and development programme specifically for ex-offenders and this has been effective to date in assisting participants move into work or further education.

A DEASP-funded project, the Trasna Programme is a mix of:

– Work
– Opportunities for certified vocational training
– Support, future planning and mentoring in discussion with a Staff Development Coach
– Volunteering assignments

Participants work on labouring, restoration, decoration and building tasks as well as landscaping, kitchen, cleaning and events set-up assignments while some participants are placed in administrative roles within Jobcare. Over a 12 month contract, individuals will work to achieve a record of employment, a positive reference from Jobcare and vocational qualifications to assist them in finding meaningful employment.

The Trasna Programme is a waged work programme with participants earning a Community Employment wage each week (based on full attendance). With the help of positive supervision and mentoring, work can be the means for transforming how individuals see themselves and gain a new identity within their community as working men and women who have successfully left their past behind.

Jobcare is currently recruiting to fill the limited number of places on the Trasna Programme. Contact Jobcare Recruitment at 01-677 3897 for eligibility details and an application form, or email

Candidates interested in a place on Trasna are encouraged to participate in other Jobcare courses while waiting for their application to be considered, such as:

Jobseekers Course

The facilities of the Resource Room and Advice Desk are also available and relevant to people just released from prison.