Community Employment

Community Employment

Community Employment

CE or Community Employment is a programme of work and training for people who have been out of work for a while. Jobcare’s CE programme gives participants the skills needed to get back into the workforce and break the cycle of being unemployed.

The barriers to stable employment can be many and common: loss of confidence from redundancy, mental illness, addiction, a criminal record, teenage pregnancy, generational unemployment at home, literacy gaps and other personal difficulties. Unaddressed, these issues can bring about a life of dependency, low self-esteem and the despair that accompanies long-term unemployment.

Jobcare provides a caring and supportive environment that encourages individuals to recognize these barriers and supports them as they take practical measures to bring about positive change for themselves and their families. At the same time we provide for our CE participants a structured framework within which they can learn the disciplines and satisfaction of work.

You can refer to the Meet the People -Community Employment section of our website to see how Community Employment impacts participants.


Am I eligible?

Community Employment is 19.5 hours per week and is sponsored by DEASP. Participants are given on-the-job training, opportunities for certified vocational training, and coaching and mentoring towards their chosen career goal. Enquire with your local Intreo case officer re. eligibility.


What roles does Jobcare offer under CE?

Jobcare have CE positions in a variety of roles including but not limited to:

– Reception
– Kitchen
– Cleaning
– Maintenance
– Customer service
– Payroll and accounts
– Administration
– Tuition
– Landscaping

How do I apply?

Vacant CE positions at Jobcare are advertised on the DEASP website. To find out more about Community Employment at Jobcare, contact Jobcare Reception at 01-6773897 or email