Work Programmes

 Work Programmes

Jobcare’s work programmes are designed to help people get over barriers to employment.

Community Employment

CE or Community Employment is a programme of work and training for people who have been out of work for a while. Jobcare’s CE programme gives participants the skills needed to get back into the workforce and break the cycle of being unemployed.

The barriers to stable employment can be many and common: loss of confidence from redundancy, mental illness, addiction, a criminal record, teenage pregnancy, generational unemployment at home, literacy gaps and other personal difficulties. Unaddressed, these issues can bring about a life of dependency, low self-esteem and the despair that accompanies long-term unemployment.

Jobcare provides a caring and supportive environment that encourages individuals to recognize these barriers and supports them as they take practical measures to bring about positive change for themselves and their families. At the same time we provide for our CE participants a structured framework within which they can learn the disciplines and satisfaction of work.


Jobcare welcomes and holds space on our transitional work programme for people who have spent time in prison/ have a criminal conviction. Occupation or employment is key to keeping someone out of prison. Jobcare’s Trasna work programme has been effective to date in assisting people who’ve spent time in prison to positively progress into work or further education as part of a better future for themselves and their families. Depending on an individual’s skills and interests, a participant may work in general operative, kitchen, cleaning and events set-up assignments or administrative and IT roles within Jobcare. Over a 12 month contract, individuals will work to achieve a record of employment, a positive reference from Jobcare and have opportunities to work for vocational qualifications to assist them in finding meaningful employment.