MINI MARATHON SUCCESS – Ruth Thompson's Story

MINI MARATHON SUCCESS – Ruth Thompson's Story

MINI MARATHON SUCCESS – Ruth Thompson’s Story

Jul 14

MINI MARATHON SUCCESS – Ruth Thompson’s Story

On 1st June, a team of 6 ladies took part in the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon in aid of Jobcare. June over and their sponsorship pages for this event now closed, we’re delighted to announce that these ladies raised a total of €2,303!! We also had 28 ladies from Microsoft doing the mini-marathon as part of their charity fundraising project this year, and half of that money will also go to Jobcare! Thank you Team Jobcare and to all of you who sponsored them and supported them along the way! We decided to catch up with some of our ladies and to find out more about their mini marathon experience, why they decided to sponsor Jobcare and how their money will be used to make a difference.
Runner: Ruth Thompson

Favourites: +Family & friends +Walks in the countryside +Visiting new places & meeting new people +Animals

What got you over the finish line? My car was parked beyond the finish line so I had no other way of getting home!

Ruth, Jobcare supporter, raised €161 in sponsorship by completing the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon. Ruth’s sponsorship money will pay for paper for Jobcare’s Resource Room for a month. Approximately 800 clients use Jobcare’s Resource Room services each month. Our staff help these clients with their jobsearch, including working through job ads and specs in order for the client to target their CV and cover letter for each job application. This is an essential part of Jobcare’s work and directly contributes to our clients securing employment. We talked to Ruth about her experience.

So why the mini marathon?

It was a spur of the moment thing! I heard that Jobcare were looking for women to do the mini-marathon and I figured it was something I could do and help Jobcare at the same time

Do you walk a lot?

I like to walk. I used to walk a lot more, but not so much anymore. I did the women’s mini-marathon years ago, but I was younger and fitter then. These days I think about exercising and plan to exercise more than I actually do exercise! However I still do a bit of walking and a bit of cycling.

So did you do any training at all?

I had great plans for training to begin with, but in the end I just walked it on the day- no real training beforehand. Probably not to be recommended as I’ve suffered with groin strain ever since!

And how did the mini marathon go?

The first few kilometres and the last few kilometres were tough! Once I had done the first few kilometres, I got a boost and the middle part was fine. Then I started to get tired towards the end and my legs felt really heavy, so it was more of a struggle for the last few kilometres. I walked on my own, but I still felt a part of the whole group of women taking part and that really helped. And even when it was difficult, I knew Jobcare was worth it. I definitely felt a real sense of achievement at the end, knowing I had done it.

Your sponsorship money is going towards paper for Jobcare’s Resource Room. Why is this important?

I’ve known a number of the Jobcare staff over the years and I did the Jobnet programme myself a few years ago. So I know the difference Jobcare makes. Jobcare provides a comprehensive service- training on how to make your jobsearch effective, one-on-one help with your jobsearch and job applications, and practical resources to print your CV and cover letter. So I’m happy to be able to support part of this process. It’s great to know my sponsorship will provide the paper for people’s CVs and job applications, which will in turn lead to some interviews and ultimately people securing work! I enjoy the benefits of working myself and it’s great to be a part of helping some-one else get work.

Stand-out memory?

(Laughs) The voice in my head going “What was I thinking??!!”
Ruth Thompson photo July 2015
Our huge thanks to Ruth for taking part in the VHI Women’s mini-marathon for Jobcare. To find out more about Jobcare’s Resource Room, see €12.50 per month/€150 provides paper for Jobcare’s Resource Room for one month. Check out to help Jobcare get more people back to work. Thank you!

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