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On 1st June, a team of 6 ladies took part in the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon in aid of Jobcare. June over and their sponsorship pages for this event now closed, we’re delighted to announce that these ladies raised a total of €2,303!! We also had 28 ladies from Microsoft doing the mini-marathon as part of their charity fundraising project this year, and half of that money will also go to Jobcare! Thank you Team Jobcare and to all of you who sponsored them and supported them along the way! We decided to catch up with some of our ladies and to find out more about their mini marathon experience, why they decided to sponsor Jobcare and how their money will be used to make a difference.
Runner: Niamh Curtis

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What got you over the finish line? My goal!

Niamh, Jobcare’s Job Club Leader, raised €236 in sponsorship by running the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon. Niamh’s sponsorship money will go towards Jobnet, Jobcare’s award-winning programme specifically for jobseeking professionals and graduates, helping them to enhance their marketable skills and learn to network effectively to secure employment. We talked to Niamh about her experience.

Niamh, you ran the mini-marathon in under an hour. Well done! Can we assume you exercise normally?

Thanks! I’m delighted with my time. Yes, I cycle to work. I do High Intensity Interval Training. And I go swimming and running fairly regularly too. But my goal was to run the 10km in under an hour. I wouldn’t have run at that pace before. So that still required work for me.

So why did you sign up for the mini marathon?

Well I had never run it before, so it was an opportunity for me to set myself the goal of completing it within a certain time. It was also a chance for me to do something for Jobcare that wasn’t work related. A lot of the more well-known and national charities get huge support, but I see every day the difference Jobcare makes to people, so it was great to run for Jobcare especially when I work here and get to see the difference my money will make.

And how did it go?

The training was fine. I had a 10km route that I ran and just kept trying to improve on my time. Then, two weeks before the mini marathon, I got sick! I had such a heavy head cold; I was smothering! I just wasn’t able to exercise. So the mini marathon itself was the first time I had run in a couple of weeks. I really wasn’t sure how it would go. I certainly wasn’t expecting to complete it in good time. But I gave it my best shot. I was looking out for each kilometre sign, mentally marking the distance. I was finding it really tough after 5 km and it felt like the 6km sign would never appear! Then I caught sight of the 7km sign! I couldn’t believe it, an extra kilometre complete! That was such a boost. It felt great crossing the finish line, and to realise I had achieved my goal and run it in 53 minutes was a massive confidence boost. I was thrilled!

Your money is helping to support Jobcare’s Jobnet programme. Why Jobnet?

Well I co-ordinate and train on the Jobnet programme so the difference my sponsorship money will make is really tangible for me. We’re currently working with sixty professionals on this Jobnet programme and I get to know and work with these people. So it’s amazing to see the impact the programme has on each person. I see the difference in someone’s life, both throughout the programme and ultimately when they use the skills they’ve learned to secure work, and that in turn makes a difference to their family. So I know that of the twenty Jobnet programmes we’ve run, 64% of those clients have progressed positively, but it’s really special for me to know each person that makes up that statistic, each story behind the number, that each of those people who are now working have a family who’ve been impacted in a really positive way as a result of Jobnet’s input. I totally want to support that!

How did you find the fundraising?

I was really touched by all the support and sponsorship I received. A lot of my sponsorship came from past Jobnet clients so it meant a lot to see them giving back so someone else could benefit from the help they had been given. Even some of the clients who are still looking for work sponsored me because they’ve already felt the benefits of the programme and wanted to share that with someone else. So it was really special and I’m so grateful to each of them.

Stand-out memory?

Getting as near the start line as I could manage. It might have involved stepping over a few barriers (ssshhhh!)

Our huge thanks to Niamh for taking part in the VHI Women’s mini-marathon for Jobcare. To find out more about Jobnet, see €320/ €27 per month pays for one person to complete the Jobnet programme. Check out to help Jobcare get more people back to work. Thank you!

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