Jobseekers Course

Jobseekers Course

The Jobseekers Course (JSC) is designed to provide participants with the skills and resources needed to become successful job hunters. Course content includes career research, CV writing, letters, application forms, and interview preparation.

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Zdenka Techlova- Clearance Broker Clerk; Jobcare alumni

Jobseekers Course Graduate

Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, my professional background is in Customer Clearance and Banking. I had been looking for work in Dublin for almost a year when I heard about Jobcare through an event in the public library. I thought, “Why not? It’s got to be better than being at home all day.” So I registered to do both their Jobseekers Course and their Digital Employability Skills course. Everybody was amazing; so helpful. I found I had more energy and believed in myself that I could do it- and I did! I got a job again! 🙂

For me, because I am not from an English-speaking country, it was great to get help with my cover letter and CV to make them effective, and we also had a mock interview to prepare us for the real thing. I knew a lot of the advice in my head, but you know when you are unemployed and abroad, it’s not easy to trust yourself. It was amazing how the team in Jobcare, in just a few days, gave us confidence that, for sure, we would be able to find a job and that work would make a difference in our lives. 

It was good too that, having done a course in Jobcare, we were welcome to continue using their services for as long as we needed, until we found a job. So I could go in and use a computer to job-search or print my CV or just ask for help- the team were always happy to help and give advice.

Now I’m working as a Clearance Broker Clerk and I am so happy! I’m meeting new people, learning new things and developing myself. I’m so happy to have a job so I can pay my bills and plan for my future. I am so blessed that I came across Jobcare and the people working there. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they’ve done for me 🙂


Irene Ruiz Padilla

Jobseekers Course Graduate

My background is in Social Care, but when I came to Ireland, I worked as an au pair and child-minder for three years while my English improved. I knew then that I wanted to go back to social care; I just didn’t know what exactly. I had been unemployed for about six months, spending my days on the computer applying, applying, applying for jobs, but getting no answers. I had one cover letter and I’d just change the position and the date and that was it- copy, paste, copy, paste. And I know now my CV wasn’t great. Then a friend recommended Jobcare and I signed up for the Employment Preparation Course.

The course was very motivating. Just having something to do in the morning- to wake up and have a shower and be there every day for 10am. I really looked forward to it. The course gave me focus. I figured out what I wanted. I had been applying for anything. Initially, when I came in, I knew I wanted to get into social care, but that was it. Then I started volunteering for Crosscare and saw what goes on there and I knew that I wanted to work in the homeless sector, and then that I wanted to work in that particular service. So when the vacancy came up there, I was ready. I learned how to target my cover letter and CV for each job application. And the practise interview here in Jobcare was helpful. I had thought through all of the interview questions for that, so when I had my real interview two days later, I was well prepared. As the course went on, my confidence escalated. So when I was called for interview at Crosscare, I was really excited and felt confident about it. Having volunteered there also gave me insight and personal experience of the service they provide.

I got the job! Now I’m working in the Crosscare homeless shelter doing care support at nights. It’s a wonderful place to work. I’m just starting out right now, but there are lots of chances for training and I’ll work my way up. It’s just what I wanted.

Working has changed my life completely. Working makes a big difference: I’m earning money; I’m on the road to where I want to be; I even look different than when I first came in to Jobcare! I’m just so happy to be working!


Muriel Reid

Jobseekers Course Graduate

I took part in the Jobseeker Course because I knew my CV was quite outdated, but I didn’t know the modern approach to tweaking a CV. The course was so beneficial because it taught me those types of skills. I now know how to look at myself and the skills I have from an employer’s perspective. The course taught me how to market my skills for today’s job market.

The course really exceeded my expectations. There are so many advantages to job seeking in a group. You can get weary on your own. I didn’t have any reservations as such, because I believe that every course you do will aid you in some way. I am not short on confidence, but at the end of the day, you just don’t know everything. Listening to trainers, Peter and Niamh, was so encouraging. It is so clear they have a passion for people. Not everyone who teaches is a good teacher. The trainers in Jobcare are. They teach out of passion rather than necessity. Their enthusiasm is palpable.

I also loved listening to the other participants because everyone has a story! So many of the younger participants in my course were so well educated, they had so many skills for the modern world and I learned a lot from them and their attitudes. They encouraged and motivated me.

I think mock interviews are important on any jobseeker’s journey. I hadn’t had an interview in two years and I found this aspect of the course, while nerve-wracking, so beneficial! I already knew how to present myself at interviews. I am of course aware that first impressions count, but this course taught me how to ascertain what each employer is looking for and how to match my skills to the job spec. My mock interview took place with 3Q Recruitment on Abbey St. My interviewer was lovely, so professional and she really drew me out. She advised me how to answer questions and present information and I left feeling that it was a very beneficial forty minutes.

I have recommended the course to two people already. No matter how young you are and no matter how confident you are, long-term unemployment can force you into a rut. People often have the skills and qualifications but they don’t know how to personally market themselves and this course teaches them just that!


Alberto Foti

European Sales Ledger Services specialist
& Jobseekers Course Graduate

I had been job seeking independently for a month before I joined the Jobseekers Course. I was searching for a position within a multinational company and I was specifically seeking a multilingual role in customer services.

Four years ago I was made redundant and I came to Ireland. After two weeks I secured a job. Unfortunately I found myself in job transition again and needed to take a course. The Jobseekers Course gives you structure and knowledge. Peter, one of the trainers, helped me to stay focussed and motivated. You wake up early and you meet people in the same situation as you. The whole course brings structure. Being able to work in the Resource Room on cover letters and CV’S, saving and editing your documentation and getting assistance is so helpful and so important.

The hand outs we are provided with are so useful, especially for foreigners. They highlighted the importance of action words that I hadn’t included in my CV. The course helped me feel prepared and confident. I went on three interviews before the course ended and I have just learned that I was offered all three jobs. The course works!

I have recommended it to so many people and I have brought people to workshops that Jobcare have provided. They enjoyed them and found them so beneficial.




Beatriz Guillen Gomez

Residential Sales Representative,
Jobseekers Course & Jobnet Graduate

I arrived in Ireland from Spain in October 2013 and began Jobcare courses in January 2014. I had graduated in Law and International Business and I needed advice on how I could adapt my CV in order to navigate the Irish job market.

I had heard about Jobcare through my library and I was interested in the organisation because I wanted to integrate and contribute, so I visited the website and I thought it seemed really well organised. After dropping into the Jobcare centre for more information I realised these courses were for me! As Jobnet only takes place on Fridays and I was free during the rest of the week, I also participated in the Jobseekers Course!

My first concern arriving in Ireland was that there weren’t enough jobs. There is a huge Spanish community so I knew competition was quite high. My second biggest concern was that my level of professional English would let me down but Jobnet helped me find the vocabulary I needed to write cover letters, adapt my CV, do interviews and market my strengths properly.

I know that Jobseekers and Jobnet have the same goals- to help you find work- but they achieve the goals in different ways. The Jobseekers Course helps you to identify your skills and adapt your CV while Jobnet focuses on networking, how to present yourself to companies, and it discusses the employer’s wants and needs.
Jobnet helped me feel more confident; it gave me interview experience and I learned something from each interview I took part in.

On the last day of Jobnet a member of FMI came in and chatted to us about a job opportunity within their company. I knew what the job entailed and a few months previously I wouldn’t have been able to do it, but I secured the role that day. This is all thanks to the courses at Jobcare.

The courses taught me that you need to establish and market your personal brand, and you never know where you will find an opportunity. I work as hard as I can and I do my best. I have established a rapport with customers in my current position, I secure new clients and I participate in demonstrations and promotions within the retail environment. I have come so far since I arrived last October! I would recommend the courses to anyone in the same situation as me!



Funmilayo Akingbade

Chef & JSC Graduate

I came to this country from Nigeria in March 2003 and having my Stamp 4 visa, I was told I was eligible to avail of Jobcare’s services and supports. I started my first Jobseeekers course in September 2003 and since then I have been given help and guidance whenever I needed it. As I am from a different country I needed to know certain things to be able to integrate. It is not easy. I was told that, before I would be able to get a job, it would be helpful to learn a couple of things to fit into the system.

I didn’t realise how important the course I did actually was, until afterwards. I learned interview skills and the ways to produce and present your CV, but most importantly I learned little things that other people might do naturally. In Africa when I am talking to people I can’t look at their faces. Yet we were told if we go to an interview here, we have to be comfortable, we have to be confident and we have to make eye contact. It took me a very long time to get used to talking to someone and looking at their face. We think as foreigners we are just looking for a job, but there are a lot of little things we are missing. They are cultural issues, but these things meant we mightn’t get work. It is so beneficial for foreigners and I got my first job through Jobcare!

I have returned several times to upgrade my CV and I love that I know I can drop by. It’s wonderful. I have introduced a lot of people to the organisation and they have benefitted so much. It really is a great support. The volunteers and trainers are so nice. They don’t push you away. When you think ‘Oh it’s all over!’ they will calm you down; they will help. They will say ‘Don’t worry! We will help you out!’ The organisation has a very good relationship with people.



Fabrizio Cecchetto

Legal Removals Specialist – Italian Legal Department
& JSC Graduate

I had been job seeking independently for five months before being advised to complete a jobseekers course. I was a little reluctant, but on the same day I was due to enrol I happened to meet a close friend of mine who was hoping to register for a computer course with Jobcare. He had completed their Jobseekers Course four years ago and was so enthusiastic about the organisation and the services it provides that I found myself becoming more interested.

With the help of the kind and professional Jobcare team, my self -confidence grew, I learned how to properly describe my skills and abilities, and I radically changed my approach to job-seeking. One week after completing the course I got an interview and secured a job! This was all down to the techniques I was taught during the programme and I would like to say thanks to all the people involved. The course works!



Fabiana Santana

Care Supervisor at Care for me Care
& JSC Graduate

I came to Ireland in late 2007 to improve my English and change my career from Legal secretary. My friend informed me of the JSC course run by JobCare, so I applied for it. It was an excellent course, and it helped me correct a lot of mistakes I was making when I was writing my CV. During the course, I began to work at Saint James’ Hospital two nights a week helping the elderly. After this job finished, I began to work for Care for me, who supply carers to private homes. Since then, I have been promoted to Care Supervisor, where I check the standard of care given, I introduce new carers to their clients, I carry out office duties and I am responsible for supervising 20 staff.


Greg Donaghy

& JSC Graduate

Jobcare has given me direction which has allowed me to pursue my entrepreneurial path. It has been a foundation upon which my successes to date are credited. Thank you Jobcare! Gregory Donaghy (Chief Executive of GMGi)



Deirdre Keller

Deirdre Keller

Care Assistant,
Irish Homecare Services and JSC Graduate

Before Jobcare, I was a full-time mum and carer to two special needs children for over 10 years. When my eldest son was taken into care, I lost my carer’s allowance and I started looking for work. I hadn’t done an interview for years … I had lost my confidence dealing with people.

A friend recommended Jobcare, but, at the start, I had no confidence that I would even finish the course, let alone find a job. Now, I am ready to conquer the world!
Jobcare is brilliant for your confidence. I felt for the first time ever that I could do whatever I want to do, that I’m as good as everybody else. I became determined to get a job by the end of the course and I chose a new career path. I love helping people so I decided I would go down the road of caring because it’s so important to me and I’m so passionate about it. I had I never thought of working with the elderly before.

I now have a full time job with Irish Home Care as a care assistant. I work with elderly people in their own homes in my own area providing companionship, a listening ear, and assisting with cooking meals, doing light housework and personal care.
On the last day of the Jobseekers course I was able to stand up and make a speech in front of 30 people and present Jobcare with a cheque for one hundred euro raised from our class. I could never have done this before.


Ruth May

JSC graduate

I want to thank you all for the wonderful work that you do. Thanks to Peter and his team, I now feel I have a purpose in life. At the end of the summer, I was feeling so low and did not know which way to turn until someone guided me to your premises and I enrolled on the above course.

I now have a completely different view of life and even find that people are looking at me differently and I am receiving a lot more smiles! I now look forward to the next chapter in my life and am attending the computer course on Monday, there’s no stopping me now!