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Success Stories

Deirdre Keller


Jobnet is an innovative programme developed by Jobcare to address the needs of a new kind of jobseeker in the Irish jobs market – the professionally skilled individual or graduate who, because of the current economic climate, is finding it difficult to find work, yet has much to offer a potential employer. Jobnet offers a professional environment tailored to the specific needs of this group. The programme empowers jobseekers to market their skills and learn to network effectively to find employment. The Jobnet Programme runs Friday mornings for seven weeks.

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Deirdre Keller

Jobseekers Course

The Jobseekers Course is a free course designed to provide you with the skills and resources you need to become a successful job hunter. The course runs mornings, Monday to Thursday for four weeks. Course content includes:

– Finding your skills
– Career research
– CV writing
– Letters and application forms
– Interview preparation

The Jobseekers Course is funded by the DEASP as part of our Jobclub. Participation in the course does not affect your social welfare benefits.
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Deirdre Keller

Community Employment

Community Employment is a programme of work and training for people who have been out of work for a while. Jobcare’s CE programme gives participants the skills needed to get back into the workforce and break the cycle of being unemployed.

Community Employment is 20 hours per week and is sponsored by DEASP. Participants are given on-the-job training, opportunities for certified vocational training, and coaching and mentoring towards their chosen career goal.

To be eligible for CE you need to be either

– Over age 21 and in receipt of social welfare payment for more than twelve months
– Or over age 18 with disability-related welfare payment.

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