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Jobnet is an award winning programme developed by Jobcare to address the needs of a new kind of jobseeker in the Irish jobs market – the professionally skilled individual or graduate who, because of the current economic climate, is finding it difficult to find work, yet has much to offer a potential employer. Jobnet offers a professional environment tailored to the specific needs of this group. The programme empowers jobseekers to market their skills and learn to network effectively to find employment.

Jobnet has been running successfully in Jobcare since 2010. Now Jobcare is working with partners to bring the Jobnet experience to job-seeking professionals and graduates around Ireland.


In Jobcare, Jobnet runs from 9.30 to 1.30 on Friday mornings for eight weeks. There are five programmes per year. Jobnet focuses on personal branding, networking, goal setting and job seeking in a digital age. In addition to the large group setting, participants work in table groups of six to eight people. Each table group is supported by a volunteer facilitator whose role is to be a resource to the group. Participants are encouraged to view each Jobnet session as a day at work and to plan appropriately. Key messages in the programme are confidence-building, reinvention, up-skilling, network building, targeted job search and seeking out local opportunities.

Each Jobnet session begins with table time where participants share their week’s activities with their facilitator. That is followed by a presentation by a guest speaker, followed by practical workshops led by the Jobnet team. Time is set aside for open networking in the middle and at the end of each Jobnet session.


  • Week 1. The Recruiter’s Perspective
  • Week 2. External session at LinkedIn
  • Week 3. Developing and Marketing Your Personal Brand
  • Week 4. The Art of Networking
  • Week 5. Effective CVs
  • Week 6. Interview Techniques (and mock interview)
  • Week 7. Networking Event
  • Week 8. Goals & Next Steps


Jobnet participants also have the option of an external mock interview at one of Jobcare’s partner companies. Feedback from the interview provides valuable advice that helps the participant prepare for ‘the real thing’.


Jobcare organises different events throughout the year to provide participants with valuable networking experience. These include:

Jobnet on Tour

This is where a partner company hosts a session of Jobnet at their offices. The company provides a keynote speaker and staff participate in the sessions. This event is usually organised once in each Jobnet programme.

The Career Clinic

The Career Clinic provides participants with individual access to career coaches, recruiters, HR specialists and experts in social media networking. Each participant can book a number of sessions for one-to-one advice on CVs, interview techniques, career direction and personal networking.

Network 2 Getwork

This event provides Jobnet participants with an opportunity to hone their skills in a realistic networking environment. Invitees include corporate and individual supporters of Jobcare, Jobnet participants and Jobnet alumni.


At the end of each programme, Jobnet participants are encouraged to continue to meet informally to support one another in their job search. Jobcare holds ‘meet up’ events for Jobnet alumni. Participants are also followed up on an individual basis until they find work.


2019 Calendar

Date From
Date To
18 January 08 March
22 March 17 May
31 May 19 July
16 August 04 October
18 October 06 December


To find out more about Jobnet click here or contact Jobcare Reception at 01-6773897 or email