Digital Employability Skills

Digital Employability Skills

We provide digital training workshops on Microsoft Word, Excel and Office Online.

Digital workshops run in sets of four workshops per subject, one afternoon per week over four weeks (concurrently with our Jobseekers Course).
These are designed to help learners gain confidence and knowledge and refresh their computer skills for seeking work in today’s modern job market.
The workshops are open to people with some computer experience.

This training is FREE and available to any clients registered with Jobcare.

Applicants will be assessed before enrolling to ensure they receive suitable help for their digital skill level.

We also provide one-to-one help for those with minimal computer skills.

Workshop Subjects include:

  • Introduction to Word:

Word Interface; editing; formatting; using tables; working with pictures and graphics; working with cover page; table of contents & headers and footers.

  • Introduction to Excel:

Excel Interface; entering and formatting data; using formulas; amending formulas and error checking; protecting data; using and creating charts; working with chart elements; amending chart areas and exporting.

  • Introduction to Office Online:

Office Online Interface; using email; Word Online; OneDrive- Cloud; Excel Online; Skype; Internet safety and security.


If you are interested in the workshops please don’t hesitate to contact: 

Dave Cullen at