Digital Employability Skills

Digital Employability Skills

We provide training workshops on Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, as well as digital workshops including OneDrive, LinkedIn, Online eLearning and Skype.

Digital workshops run afternoons, running concurrently with our Jobseekers Course.
These are designed to give learners the knowledge and skills for seeking work in a modern digital world.
The workshops are open to people with some computer experience.

This training is FREE and available to anybody currently in receipt of Social Welfare payments.

Applicants will be assessed before enrolling to ensure they receive suitable help for their digital skill level.

We also provide one-to-one help for those with minimal computer skills.

Workshop Subjects include:

  • Introduction to Word Online:

Working with documents and CV creation. Editing, formatting, proof reading and the best practice for creating a professional document.

  • Introduction to Outlook:

Sending, replying, forwarding and adding attachments to emails. The importance of understanding the To, CC and BCC when using email. And using OneDrive.

  • Online Job Searching:

The importance of LinkedIn, indeed and monster. Getting started with a LinkedIn account. Using the internet for job searching. Applying online for a job vacancy and uploading your CV.

  • Using Skype:

Introduction to using Skype with mock interviews.

  • Online eLearning:

Learn about interactive self-learning websites to help improve your digital skills.


If you are interested in the workshops please don’t hesitate to contact: 

Dave Cullen at