Jobcare’s People – Meet Kenzie and Martha

Jobcare’s People – Meet Kenzie and Martha

Jul 16

Meet Kenzie Bahr and Martha Kaser. Kenzie and Martha, both from the States, are interning in Jobcare for a couple of months this summer, gaining work experience and studying abroad for this college semester. We chatted to the girls to find out more.

Kenzie is from Albany, upstate New York, and studies Psychology and Child and Family Health at The State University of New York where she was recently elected president of her sorority. Her ambition is to work in industrial organisational psychology, “basically using psychology for HR in the workplace”.


Kenzie’s favourites?
  • My niece, Riley Marie. She’s just six months old and adorable!
  • Criminal Minds, the TV show. I’ve been missing it while I’ve been here, so I’m looking forward to catching up.
  • When I’m at college back home, I play Bingo with the local senior citizens each week. I enjoy getting to know these people and we have great fun.
  • I love ice-cream!
  • I really like the atmosphere here in Dublin, and Cobh (Cork) is just beautiful!


Martha is from Jackson, Michigan and studies Comparative Cultures and Psychology at Michigan State University. Inspired by her Mum’s work, Martha would love to work in public healthcare. “I’m really interested in global mental health. I’d love to work abroad, the third world or Asia. I’m not sure yet whether I’d focus on policy or research or treatment. I’d like to do a Master’s degree in public health or social work first.”


Martha’s favourites?
  • My dog Lulu. She’s an English Springer-Spaniel and I really miss her.
  • Music and concerts- folk, indie, motown… Jonny Cash, Bob Dylan, I could go on.
  • Movies and dramas; “Garden State” is my favourite movie.
  • Outdoors- hiking, swimming, boating, kayaking.
  • Cheese- in German, my surname means “cheese merchant”!
  • Irish favourite- Killarney.

Kenzie and Martha have spent their time in Jobcare participating in our Jobseekers Course and Jobnet programme, helping clients in our Resource Room, and helping the Job Club team with programme administration. Coincidentally both the girls had separately worked with homeless Veterans back in the US, helping them in different ways to access work. Martha even wrote a jobseekers program for these veterans. So the girls were able to transfer and build on those skills within the Jobcare context.
What has struck them about their time here? “We weren’t expecting to find such a diversity here with people coming from many different countries in search for work. Finding work is a process, but people are ready to put the effort forward and give 100%. It’s been great meeting and working with so many different people. The staff in Jobcare are all here to help. Everyone’s so kind. It feels family-oriented.”
Peter from the Jobcare team says, “Kenzie and Martha have been fantastic! They ‘got’ our culture and mission, and quickly became valued members of our Resource Room team. Despite the cultural differences between the States and Ireland, they transitioned easily. Kenzie and Martha got on really well with our clients, no matter the client’s culture or background; the girls were able to really help them. There was no challenge we gave them that they weren’t up for. If the future of our planet is in


Kensie & Martha