Jobcare’s people: meet Alan and Abelardo

Jobcare’s people: meet Alan and Abelardo

Jul 28



Meet Alan Travers and Abelardo Dominguez from Jobcare’s IT Support department. Alan has been doing his college work placement in Jobcare and Abelardo volunteers here. We caught up with them to find out more.


Alan is doing a Computer Science degree at the National College of Ireland. As part of his third year, he has been doing his 6-month work placement in Jobcare’s IT Support department. He also spent some time teaching SCRATCH programming to children through Citywise Education. Alan will be embarking on the final year of his course in September and would like to specialise in software development and cloud computing.


Alan’s favourites?

  • Music- Indie, Folk, Rock
  • Hiking
  • Travelling
  • Favourite movie- “Shawshank Redemption”
  • Favourite TV show- “Scrubs”

Alan explains that thankfully he knew how to do a lot of the work involved, but it was great to get that practical hands-on experience in a work environment and there were still a few challenges. “I remember a particularly long day working on the server!” So what have been the benefits of his time in Jobcare? “Definitely my confidence has grown. It’s been really helpful working as part of a team, developing my interpersonal skills. There are so many different staff and clients here. And it’s been great experience problem solving on site and in real time when there are staff and clients relying on you to fix whatever the issue. I’m definitely more confident now.”


Tony Keane, Jobcare’s IT manager, says it’s been great having Alan here. “Even though Alan’s major is software development, he’s adapted really well and has applied himself to all areas, IT infrastructure, staff and client support. He’s worked really well as part of the IT Support team. I’m delighted he’s willing to continue volunteering in future.”





Abelardo moved to Ireland from Spain just over a year ago. Having over 8 years’ experience in quality control and over 12 years’ experience in IT Support, his volunteering and skills have been really beneficial for Jobcare.


Abelardo’s favourites?

  • Spanish food
  • Travel, particularly in Europe with its history and culture
  • Sport- basketball
  • Music- Coldplay

Abelardo’s friend had taken part in our Jobseekers Course and recommended Jobcare. Not having been in Ireland long, Abelardo was looking for somewhere to volunteer. “It can be difficult to break into sectors and secure work when you move countries. I wanted to improve my English and I didn’t want to be wasting time at home. So volunteering was a great way to get out and use my skills, gain experience in Ireland, improve my English and meet people.” Abelardo has been working on managing Jobcare’s servers and helping our staff and clients with IT issues. “There’s more variety in technology in Ireland so I’ve enjoyed working on a wide range of IT products and services.”


IT Support Manager Tony says Abelardo’s experience has been extremely helpful. “Abelardo is very talented with a brilliant background in networks and IT administration. He has helped with Jobcare’s server admin, setting up different IT policies and security checks, as well as staff and client support. Abelardo knows all the technical concepts; he can just find it difficult to express his knowledge through the English terminology. It’s great to see him improving his English as he has so much to offer.”


Tony adds, “Both Alan and Abelardo have such a lovely manner, very approachable and accessible. They’re always in good form and get on well with everyone. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.” Huge thanks to both guys for all your work and help in Jobcare! Your skills and support have made a great difference, both to the organisation and to the people we work with. You will be an asset to any future employers. Thank you!