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We are very grateful to the many companies, large and small, that support Jobcare in a practical or financial way. If you believe that ‘working matters’, we invite you to partner with us in helping unemployed people directly by hiring them, or indirectly by sharing talent, technology and resources with Jobcare.

Partnering is all about relationships, and we want to build a sustained relationship with you and your company that will be mutually beneficial, and that will get increasing numbers of people back into work.


  • Financial Support – While a majority of our funding comes from the Department of Social Protection, we need to raise 10% of our income every year from corporate and private donations, and from fundraising events. Jobcare is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organisation, so every euro you donate goes into funding the essential infrastructure of our jobseeker programmes. Our current partners can affirm that Jobcare administers these donations in a responsible and transparent manner, with timely and accurate reporting on outcomes.
  • Expertise – As a charity, we either do not have or are unable to ‘buy in’ the expertise we need for some of our projects. Your company can be of great assistance to Jobcare by providing us with short-term pro bono support to help us meet some of these corporate challenges.
  • Employers’ Perspective – While Jobcare has many years’ experience in helping clients develop effective jobsearch strategies, we look to our business partners to provide cutting-edge information on labour market trends and skills needs.
  • Access to networks – Jobcare depends to a large extent on its supporting companies to introduce us to other potential partners that may be able and willing to provide assistance.
  • Fundraising – Some companies organise fundraising initiatives to help support Jobcare as well as to profile our services . Whether it’s a cake sale or a suit-drive in work, a fashion fundraiser or sponsored walk outside office hours, these events have been beneficial while also fun.


  • Staff engagement – Volunteering with Jobcare can help enhance staff engagement by providing them with ways to ‘give something back’ to the community. It can also be immensely satisfying when one or more of your staff becomes instrumental in helping a jobseeker find work.
  • Professional Development – In some cases, volunteering may provide your staff with personal and professional development opportunities, such as in interviewing and mentoring.
  • Visibility – It can be important for others to see what you are doing to help, and we are very happy to acknowledge that support through our social media channels (unless requested otherwise).


If you and your company would like to partner with us, please fill out the short response form by clicking this link.