Our Supporters

Our Supporters

We are privileged to have a growing number of companies, both large and small, supporting us in our mission to help unemployed people find work. Here is a list of our business supporters along with some of the ways in which that support is provided. If your company supports Jobcare and we have omitted to mention you please contact us.



Jobcare is LinkedIn Dublin’s official charity partner. In addition to significant financial support, Linkedin as part of its ‘In days’ provides training and one-to-one advice for participants in our Jobnet Programme, helping them to optimise their profiles. Linkedin staff also provide a workshop at our Career Clinics.



Bank of New York Mellon, through its Community Partnership Programme, is providing much needed funds to support Jobnet in Dublin. BNY Mellon staff regularly provide mock interviews for Jobnet clients, support our networking events and organise mens’ suit drives for Jobcare’s ‘Get Suited to be Recruited’ initiative


State Street funding supports Jobcare and has enabled Jobcare to extend its Jobnet Programme for unemployed professionals and graduates to centres outside Dublin. Staff in its offices in Kilkenny have provided guest speakers, mock interviews and mentoring for participants in their local Jobnet.

Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank  provides mock interviews for our jobseekers and hosts a ‘Jobnet on Tour’ session annually. Local bank branches support regional Jobnets. Ulster Bank, through its Skills and Opportunities Fund, have also previously supported the development of our Digital Employability Skills Project.


Unicredit Bank has been a regular funder of Jobcare’s work programmes and jobseeker services. Staff also provide mock interviews and support our networking events.


VHI Healthcare release staff to facilitate on the Jobnet Programme. The company also offers mock interviews for clients in our Jobseekers Course and has donated IT hardware for our Resource Room. VHI Healthcare have also provided previous financial support for Jobcare.


In addition to financial support, Paddy Power staff mentor clients from our Jobnet Programme and support Jobcare’s networking events.


As part of its Charity and Community Partnership Programme, Microsoft helps build Jobcare’s capacity through software donations and training. Microsoft staff regularly fundraise for Jobcare. The company also provides mock interviews for Jobnet clients and hosts ‘Jobnet on Tour’ annually.


Accenture has been a supporter and major funder of Jobcare over the past 10 years through its Skills to Succeed Programme. Current support includes providing skills training, mock interviews for Jobnet clients and hosting ‘Jobnet on Tour’.

Wallace Myers Logo

Jobcare is Wallace Myers preferred charity. Its staff are fully engaged in providing pro-bono advice, speaking at and supporting Jobnet events, mentoring Jobcare staff and jobseeker clients, and providing mock interviews for participants in our Jobseekers Course.


Each day M&S stores in Dublin City centre give Jobcare surplus food to help us provide quality snacks for our unemployed clients. M&S also supports our ‘Get Suited to be Recruited’ initiative.


Bank of Ireland provides staff to facilitate on the Jobnet Programme, gives mock interviews to Jobnet participants and has hosted our Network 2 Getwork event. Local BOI branches also support regional Jobnets.


Hays management and staff are strong supporters of Jobcare. This support includes participating in our Career Clinics and networking events, mentoring jobseekers, providing speakers for Jobnet sessions and offering mock interviews to participants in our Jobseekers Course.


CPL provides speakers for Jobnet sessions, staff volunteers give advice at our Career Clinics and attend our networking events. CPL also provides mock interviews to participants in our Jobseekers Course.


Having received social entrepreneur awards on three occasions in the past 5 years, Jobcare has benefited from SEI funding, expertise, capacity building, and ongoing connection to business and social enterprise networks.


As part of its Civic Engagement initiative, IT Blanchardstown has initiated and supported Jobnet Programmes in Dublin 15. ITB provides access to its knowledge base and Jobcare provides short-term placements for ITB students.


SNAP Docklands provides business cards at nominal charge for members of our Jobnet Programme and also offers mock interviews to participants in our Jobseekers Course.


Robert Walters support for Jobcare includes training for our staff, speakers for Jobnet, providing advice at our Career Clinics, mock interviews for participants in our Jobseekers Course and attending our networking events.


Oracle provides mock interviews for Jobnet participants and hosts ‘Jobnet on Tour’ on an annual basis.



Indeed staff support our Jobseekers Course, hosting a workshop for each course and helping participants to search for jobs online. Staff also provide a workshop at our Career Clinics.


Google volunteers provide advice and support to Jobcare, helping build capacity at management level. Googlers also provide training for Jobcare staff. We have also valued Googlers’ financial support and fundraising.


Facebook provides mock interviews for Jobnet participants and supports our networking events.


3Q Recruitment provides mock interviews for participants in our Jobseekers Course and supports our Career Clinics and networking events.


Other Supporters – equally valued