Choose to raise money in a way that suits you while having fun at the same time!

Here in Jobcare we love helping people identify and develop their skills. So, go ahead, identify one of your own and organise a fundraising event to suit! If you do decide to run an event for Jobcare then be sure to let us know! We would love to hear what you’re up to and give you some support!

Coffee Morning/Cake Sale

Invite friends, neighbours or colleagues to a coffee morning or bake sale. Better still, combine this endeavour with another event like a book sale. Lingering over a coffee and cake with a new read makes for a lovely morning; provide your customers with this and watch the proceeds roll in!

Difficulty rating: 2

Share Your Skills

So maybe sponsored runs, car boot sales and table quizzes aren’t your thing! Don’t panic! That doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference! So, what is your thing?! Share your skill, decide on a cover charge and donate the proceeds to Jobcare! Simple!

Difficulty rating: 0

Table Quiz

This doesn’t have to necessitate a community hall or an official emcee! Why not arrange a group of friends or family at home? Decide on a cover charge, compile a list of questions, take centre stage as quizmaster and let them battle it out amongst themselves!

Difficulty rating: 1


Fundraising FAQ

Where does my money go?

That’s completely up to you. You can give to Jobcare’s work as a whole or direct your donation to a particular area of our work, eg. Jobnet, Trasna etc. If you would like to direct your donation to a particular programme, just let us know when you send in your gift and we’ll take care of the rest!

How do I organise a fundraiser?

Decide what you would like to do! Look to our fundraising suggestions for inspiration.
Decide on a venue and date.
Do you want to have a monetary target?
Do you need help or can you organise this by yourself?
Make a budget!

And now for the official bits…

Be safe and secure

Remember to always consider the safety of your team and participants. Taking part in high risk activities is not advisable and it is important to ensure the safety of your venue for events. It may be necessary to take out insurance for certain activities.

Be sure of your legal requirements

There are a number of laws and regulations relating to how people can fundraise for charity. It is essential that you comply with these rules when collecting for Jobcare as you are representing the organisation. To comply with legal requirements, some fundraising activities need special permits from the Gardai. These are available from your local Garda station. If collecting money on private property, you may also need to seek permission from the proprietor.

Advertise and spread the word!

After all your hard work and effort, it is important not to forget to spread the word about your activity! The type of advertising you need to carry out will vary depending on your type of activity. Fundraising pages are a fantastic way to highlight your activity while also keeping an eye on the money being raised. Jobcare is registered with the fundraising platform Why not post the link to your fundraising page on Facebook or Twitter and gain support through your community of online friends! For a bigger fundraiser, you may be able to advertise your event on prominent notice boards, on local stations, and in local newspaper, in shops etc.